Rough high-level summary of some Phoronix tests.

aio-stressAIO-Stress is an a-synchronous I/O benchmark created by SuSE. Current this profile uses a 2048MB test file and a 64KB record size.3688.82 MB/stopdown
aobenchAOBench is a lightweight ambient occlusion renderer, written in C. The test profile is using a size of 2048 x 2048.42.11 SecondstopdownAnalysis
aom-av1This is a simple test of the AOMedia AV1 encoder run on the CPU with a sample video file.Error: The test run did not produce a result.topdown
apacheThis is a test of ab, which is the Apache benchmark program. This test profile measures how many requests per second a given system can sustain when carrying out 1,000,000 requests with 100 requests being carried out concurrently.
25282.39 Requests per secondtopdownAnalysis
asmfishThis is a test of asmFish, an advanced chess benchmark written in Assembly.
11523502 Nodes/secondtopdownAnalysis
blake2This is a benchmark of BLAKE2 using the blake2s binary. BLAKE2 is a high-performance crypto alternative to MD5 and SHA-2/3.5.00 Cycles Per BytetopdownAnalysis
blender Blender is an open-source 3D creation software project. This test is of Blender's Cycles benchmark with various sample files. GPU computing via OpenCL or CUDA is supported.BMW27 - 547.46
Classroom - 1305.70
Fishy Cat - 791.16
Barbershop - 2625.56
Pabellon Barcelona - 1585.83
borkBork is a small, cross-platform file encryption utility. It is written in Java and designed to be included along with the files it encrypts for long-term storage. This test measures the amount of time it takes to encrypt a sample file.
10.52 Secondstopdown
botanBotan is a cross-platform open-source C++ crypto library that supports most all publicly known cryptographic algorithms.
KASUMI - 79.107 MiB/s
AES 256 - 3383.35 MiB/s
Twofish - 320.28 MiB/s
Blowfish - 233.90 MiB/s
CAST-256 - 118.88 MiB/s
build-gccThis test times how long it takes to build the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC).
1304.47 SecondstopdownAnalysis
build-imagemagickThis test times how long it takes to build ImageMagick.71.81 Secondstopdown
build-linux-kernelThis test times how long it takes to build the Linux kernel.156.26 SecondstopdownAnalysis
build-llvmThis test times how long it takes to build the LLVM compiler stack.892.54 SecondstopdownAnalysis
build-phpThis test times how long it takes to build PHP 5 with the Zend engine.
97.31 SecondstopdownAnalysis
bulletThis is a benchmark of the Bullet Physics Engine.Raytests - 2.90 Seconds
3000 Fall - 4.77 Seconds
1000 Stack - 5.48 Seconds
1000 Convex - 5.10 Seconds
136 Ragdolls - 3.00 Seconds
Prim Trimesh - 1.03 Seconds
Convex Trimesh - 1.26 Seconds
byteThis is a test of BYTE.dhrystone2 - 35154400.2
Integer Arithmetic - 1 LPS
Register Arithmetic - 1 LPS
Floating-point Arithmetic - 1 LPS
cachebenchThis is a performance test of CacheBench, which is part of LLCbench. CacheBench is designed to test the memory and cache bandwidth performanceRead: 3266.46 MB/s
Write: 25458.37 MB/s
Read/Modify: 42048.46 MB/s
clompCLOMP is the C version of the Livermore OpenMP benchmark developed to measure OpenMP overheads and other performance impacts due to threading in order to influence future system designs. This particular test profile configuration is currently set to look at the OpenMP static schedule speed-up across all available CPU cores using the recommended test configuration.
3.91 Speeduptopdown
compilebenchCompilebench tries to age a filesystem by simulating some of the disk IO common in creating, compiling, patching, stating and reading kernel trees. It indirectly measures how well filesystems can maintain directory locality as the disk fills up and directories age. This current test is setup to use the makej mode with 10 initial directories
Compile: 715.84 MB/s
Initial Create: 414.72 MB/s
Read Compiled Tree: 949.74 MB/s
compress-p7zipThis is a test of 7-Zip using p7zip with its integrated benchmark feature or upstream 7-Zip for the Windows x64 build.
21115 MIPStopdownAnalysis
compress-gzipThis test measures the time needed to archive/compress two copies of the Linux 4.13 kernel source tree using Gzip compression.
39.44 Secondstopdown
compress-lzmaThis test measures the time needed to compress a file using LZMA compression.
282.62 Secondstopdown
compress-pbzip2This test measures the time needed to compress a file (a .tar package of the Linux kernel source code) using BZIP2 compression.9.98 SecondstopdownAnalysis
compress-zstdThis test measures the time needed to compress a sample file (an Ubuntu file-system image) using Zstd compression.
133.28 SecondstopdownAnalysis
cpuminer-optCpuminer benchmark.m7m - 101.23 Hash Speed
deep - 3167.88 Hash Speed
lbry - 10.31 Hash Speed
skein - 11.92 Hash Speed
myr-gr - 4686.68 Hash Speed
sha256t - 7031.71 Hash Speed
cryptonight - 178.58 Hash Speed
craftyThis is a performance test of Crafty, an advanced open-source chess engine.
7720924 Nodes per Secondtopdown
c-rayThis is a test of C-Ray, a simple raytracer designed to test the floating-point CPU performance. This test is multi-threaded (16 threads per core), will shoot 8 rays per pixel for anti-aliasing, and will generate a 1600 x 1200 image.
26.41 SecondstopdownAnalysis
cyclictestCyclictest is a high-resolution test program for measuring the Linux kernel latencies.
2, 2, 1, 1 ms averagetopdown
cython-benchStress benchmark tests to measure time consumed by cython code
25.48 Secondstopdown
dbenchDbench is a benchmark designed by the Samba project as a free alternative to netbench, but dbench contains only file-system calls for testing the disk performance.
1 client - 8.36 MB/s
6 clients - 16.57 MB/s
12 clients - 24.87 MB/s
48 clients - 41.50 MB/s
128 clients - 59.67 MB/s
256 clients - 62.34 MB/s
dcrawThis test times how long it takes to convert several high-resolution RAW NEF image files to PPM image format using dcraw.48.27 Secondstopdown
dolfynDolfyn is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code of modern numerical simulation techniques. The Dolfyn test profile measures the execution time of the bundled computational fluid dynamics demos that are bundled with Dolfyn.
Error: The test run did not produce a result.
ebizzyThis is a test of ebizzy, a program to generate workloads resembling web server workloads.
166782 Records/stopdownAnalysis
encode-flacThis test times how long it takes to encode a sample WAV file to FLAC format five times.11.75 SecondstopdownAnalysis
encode-mp3LAME is an MP3 encoder licensed under the LGPL. This test measures the time required to encode a WAV file to MP3 format.32.91 SecondstopdownAnalysis
encode-wavpackThis test times how long it takes to encode a sample WAV file to WavPack format.6.96 Secondstopdown
espeakThis test times how long it takes the eSpeak speech synthesizer to read Project Gutenberg's The Outline of Science and output to a WAV file.42.41 Secondstopdown
etlegacyETLegacy is an open-source engine evolution of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a World War II era first person shooter that was released for free by Splash Damage using the id Tech 3 engine.default renderer 800x600 - 102.43 fps
default renderer 1024x768 - 102.23 fps
default renderer 1280x800 - 102.70 fps
default renderer 1440x900 - 102.43 fps
default renderer 1280x1024 - 102.20 fps
default renderer 1680x1050 - 102.37 fps
default renderer 1920x1080 - 102.00 fps
renderer2 800x600 - 76.70 fps
renderer2 1024x768 - 76.60 fps
renderer2 1280x800 - 77.10 fps
renderer2 1440x900 - 76.70 fps
renderer2 1280x1024 - 76.70 fps
renderer2 1680x1050 - 76.67 fps
renderer2 1920x1080 - 76.33 fps
ffmpegThis test uses FFmpeg for testing the system's audio/video encoding performance.7.19 SecondstopdownAnalysis
ffteFFTE is a package by Daisuke Takahashi to compute Discrete Fourier Transforms of 1-, 2- and 3- dimensional sequences of length (2^p)*(3^q)*(5^r)6058.90 MFLOPStopdownAnalysis
fftwFFTW is a C subroutine library for computing the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) in one or more dimensions.1D FFT size 32 - 10900 Mflops
2D FFT size 32 - 25298 Mflops
1D FFT size 4096 - 34448 Mflops
2D FFT size 4096 - 14167 Mflops
fhourstonesThis integer benchmark solves positions in the game of Connect-4, as played on a vertical 7x6 board. By default, it uses a 64Mb transposition table with the twobig replacement strategy. Positions are represented as 64-bit bitboards, and the hash function is computed using a single 64-bit modulo operation, giving 64-bit machines a slight edge. The alpha-beta searcher sorts moves dynamically based on the history heuristic.
12379.73 Kpos/sectopdownAnalysis
fioFio is an advanced disk benchmark that depends upon the kernel's AIO access library.
Sequential Read 4KB - 42900 IOPS
Sequential Write 4KB - 36267 IOPS
fs-markFS_Mark is designed to test a system's file-system performance.1000 files/1MB - 16.90 Files/s
5000 files/1MB, 4 threads - 56.40 Files/s
git This test measures the time needed to carry out some sample Git operations on an example, static repository that happens to be a copy of the GNOME GTK tool-kit repository.6.02 SecondstopdownAnalysis
glibc-benchThe GNU C Library project provides the core libraries for the GNU system and GNU/Linux systems, as well as many other systems that use Linux as the kernel. These libraries provide critical APIs including ISO C11, POSIX.1-2008, BSD, OS-specific APIs and more.
cos - 126296 nanoseconds
ffs - 4.86 nanoseconds
sin - 126818 nanoseconds
sqrt - 13.81 nanoseconds
tanh - 49.60 nanoseconds
ffsll - 5.63 nanoseconds
pthread_once - 5.64 nanoseconds
glmark2This is a test of Linaro's glmark2 port, currently using the X11 OpenGL 2.0 target. GLmark2 is a basic OpenGL benchmark.800x600 - 2466
1024x768 - 1313
1280x800 - 1113
1440x900 - 836
1280x1024 - 811
1680x1050 - 617
1920x1080 - 517
gmpbenchGMPbench is a test of the GMP 6.1.2 math library.4075.60 GMPbench scoretopdown
gnupgThis test times how long it takes to encrypt a file using GnuPG.11.79 Secondstopdown
go-benchmarkBenchmark for monitoring real time performance of the Go implementation for HTTP, JSON and garbage testing per iteration.
http - 9938 Nanoseconds/op
json - 16417956 Nanoseconds/op
build - 15957463030 Nanoseconds/op
garbage - 3418545 Nanoseconds/op
graphics-magick This is a test of GraphicsMagick with its OpenMP implementation that performs various imaging tests to stress the system's CPU.
blur - 155 iterations/minute
sharpen - 125 iterations/minute
resize - 192 iterations/minute
HWB color space - 212 iterations/minute
Adaptive threshold - 94 iterations/minute
gtkperfThis test calculates the average frame-rate from several different GTK operations.GTK Widget - 376.74 Seconds
GtkComboBox - 12.26 Seconds
GtkCheckButton - 1.48 Seconds
GtkRadioButton - 3.36 Seconds
GtkToggleButton - 3.92 Seconds
GtkComboBoxEntry - 7.03 Seconds
GtkTextView - 0.04 Seconds
GtkTextView scroll - 295.39 Seconds
GtkDrawingArea - 15.11 Seconds
GtkDrawingArea Pixbufs - 5.20 Seconds
hackbenchThis is a benchmark of Hackbench, a test of the Linux kernel scheduler.1 thread - 5.83 Seconds
2 thread - 10.90 Seconds
4 thread - 21.70 Seconds
8 thread - 46.07 Seconds
16 thread - 93.47 Seconds
1 process - 5.53 Seconds
2 process - 10.49 Seconds
4 process - 20.91 Seconds
8 process - 43.46 Seconds
16 process - 91.65 Seconds
32 process - 191.78 Seconds
himenoThe Himeno benchmark is a linear solver of pressure Poisson using a point-Jacobi method.2045.46 MFLOPStopdownAnalysis
hintThis test runs the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory Hierarchical INTegration (HINT) benchmark.Float 365139431.12 QUIPS
Double 762854230.96 QUIPS
hmmerThis test searches through the Pfam database of profile hidden markov models. The search finds the domain structure of Drosophila Sevenless protein.
9.85 SecondstopdownAnalysis
hpcgHPCG is the High Performance Conjugate Gradient and is a new scientific benchmark from Sandia National Lans focused for super-computer testing with modern real-world workloads compared to HPCC.
1.22 GFLOP/stopdown
indigobenchThis is a test of Indigo Renderer's IndigoBench benchmark.0.52 M samples/s
1.20 M samples/s
iozoneThe IOzone benchmark tests the hard disk drive / file-system performance.4Kb record, 8GB file, write - 176.91 SecondstopdownAnalysis
j2dbenchThis test runs a series of microbenchmarks to check the performance of the OpenGL-based Java 2D pipeline and the underlying OpenGL drivers.text rendering - 14593.86 Units Per Second
Image Rendering - 1050961.56 Units Per Second
All Rendering - 953898.76 Units Per Second
Vector Graphics - 961757.00 Units Per Second
java-gradle-perfThis test runs Java software project builds using the Gradle build system. It is intended to give developers an idea as to the build performance for development activities and build servers.23.92 SecondstopdownAnalysis
java-scimark2This test runs the Java version of SciMark 2.0, which is a benchmark for scientific and numerical computing developed by programmers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This benchmark is made up of Fast Foruier Transform, Jacobi Successive Over-relaxation, Monte Carlo, Sparse Matrix Multiply, and dense LU matrix factorization benchmarks.
Composite - 2164.01 Mflops
Monte Carlo - 881.83 Mflops
FFT - 1220.92 Mflops
Sparse Matrix Multiply - 2049.60 Mflops
Dense LU factorization - 5160.49 Mflops
Jacobi - 1507.20 Mflops
john-the-ripperThis is a benchmark of John The Ripper, which is a password cracker.blowfish 6060 Real C/S
Traditional DES - 23557333 Real C/S
MD5 - 207741 Real C/S
llvm-test-suiteThis test times how long it takes to run the LLVM Test Suite.209.66 Secondstopdown
luajitThis test profile is a collection of Lua scripts/benchmarks run against a locally-built copy of LuaJIT upstream.Composite - 1352.39 Mflops
Monte Carlo - 495.08 Mflops
FFT - 299.39 Mflops
Sparse Matrix Multiply - 1211.98 Mflops
Dense LU factorization - 3107.81 Mflops
Jacobi - 1647.69 Mflops
lzbenchlzbench is an in-memory benchmark of various compressors. The file used for compression is a Linux kernel source tree tarball.XZ compression - 34 MB/s
XZ decompression - 98 MB/s
Zstd compression - 356 MB/s
Zstd decompression - 1001 MB/s
brotli compression - 385 MB/s
brotli decompression - 501 MB/s
libdeflate compression - 195 MB/s
libdeflate decompression - 1012 MB/s
mafftThis test performs an alignment of 100 pyruvate decarboxylase sequences.4.47 SecondstopdownAnalysis
mencoderThis test uses mplayer's mencoder utility and the libavcodec family for testing the system's audio/video encoding performance.19.11 Secondstopdown
minionMinion is an open-source constraint solver that is designed to be very scalable. This test profile uses Minion's integrated benchmarking problems to solve.
graceful - 57.46 Seconds
solitaire - 71.48 Seconds
Quasigroup - 129.04 Seconds
m-queensA solver for the N-queens problem with multi-threading support via the OpenMP library.202.61 SecondstopdownAnalysis
multichaseThis is a benchmark of Google's multichase pointer chaser program.4MB, 64 byte stride - 5.50 ns
1 GB, 256 byte stride - 61.94 ns
256 MB, 256 byte stride - 62.54 ns
1 GB 256 byte stride, 2 thread - 63.90 ns
1 GB, 256 byte stride, 4 thread - 70.51 ns
nginxThis is a test of ab, which is the Apache Benchmark program running against nginx. This test profile measures how many requests per second a given system can sustain when carrying out 2,000,000 requests with 500 requests being carried out concurrently.
34100.73 Requests Per SecondtopdownAnalysis
n-queensThis is a test of the OpenMP version of a test that solves the N-queens problem. The board problem size is 18.35.02 SecondstopdownAnalysis
numpyThis is a test to obtain the general Numpy performance.5547042 NanosecondstopdownAnalysis
octave-benchmarkThis test profile measures how long it takes to complete several reference GNU Octave files via octave-benchmark. GNU Octave is used for numerical computations and is an open-source alternative to MATLAB.10.70 SecondstopdownAnalysis
openarena This is a test of OpenArena, a popular open-source first-person shooter. This game is based upon ioquake3, which in turn uses the GPL version of id Software's Quake 3 engine.
800x800 - 129.83 fps
1024x768 - 88.93 fps
1920x1080 - 37.43 fps
2560x1440 - 174.23 fps
opencv-benchStress benchmark tests to measure time consumed by the OpenCV libraries installed81.92 Secondstopdown
opensslOpenSSL is an open-source toolkit that implements SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols. This test measures the RSA 4096-bit performance of OpenSSL.
634.37 Signs Per SecondtopdownAnalysis
optcarrotOptcarrot is an NES emulator benchmark for the Ruby language.46.07 FPStopdown
osbenchOSBench is a collection of micro-benchmarks for measuring operating system primitives like time to create threads/processes, launching programs, creating files, and memory allocation.
create files - 14.66 us per event
create threads - 12.23 us per event
launch programs - 47.11 us per event
create processes - (no result; fork(2) fails)
memory allocations - 80.62 us per event
parboilThe Parboil Benchmarks from the IMPACT Research Group at University of Illinois are a set of throughput computing applications for looking at computing architecture and compilers. Parboil test-cases support OpenMP, OpenCL, and CUDA multi-processing environments. However, at this time the test profile is just making use of the OpenMP and OpenCL test workloads.OpenMP LBM - 207.57 Seconds
OpenMP CUTCP - 14.43 Seconds
OpenMP Stencil - 26.83 Seconds
OpenMP MRI Gridding - 44.60 Seconds
perl-benchmarkPerl benchmark suite that can be used to compare the relative speed of different versions of perl.
Pod2html - 0.12749018 Seconds
Interpreter - 0.00142939 Seconds
pgbenchThis is a simple benchmark of PostgreSQL using pgbench.Normal load, read - 87072.37 TPS
Normal load, read/write - 270.06 TPS
phpbenchPHPBench is a benchmark suite for PHP. It performs a large number of simple tests in order to bench various aspects of the PHP interpreter. PHPBench can be used to compare hardware, operating systems, PHP versions, PHP accelerators and caches, compiler options, etc. The number of iterations used is 1,000,000.
583739 ScoretopdownAnalysis
polybench-cPolyBench-C is a C-language polyhedral benchmark suite made at the Ohio State University.covariance - 10.83 Seconds
correlation - 10.77 Seconds
Matrix Multiplication - 10.44 Seconds
postmarkThis is a test of NetApp's PostMark benchmark designed to simulate small-file testing similar to the tasks endured by web and mail servers. This test profile will set PostMark to perform 25,000 transactions with 500 files simultaneously with the file sizes ranging between 5 and 512 kilobytes.6199 TPStopdown
povrayThis is a test of POV-Ray, the Persistence of Vision Raytracer. POV-Ray is used to create 3D graphics using ray-tracing.131.82 SecondstopdownAnalysis
primesievePrimesieve generates prime numbers using a highly optimized sieve of Eratosthenes implementation. Primesieve benchmarks the CPU's L1/L2 cache performance.
82.95 SecondstopdownAnalysis
pybenchThis test profile reports the total time of the different average timed test results from PyBench. PyBench reports average test times for different functions such as BuiltinFunctionCalls and NestedForLoops, with this total result providing a rough estimate as to Python's average performance on a given system. This test profile runs PyBench each time for 20 rounds.1479 MillisecondstopdownAnalysis
qgears2This test runs qgears2, which is a test written by Zack Rusin and is based upon cairogears. This test can see how well different rendering backends perform and uses Qt4.OpenGL/Text - 38.27 FPS
OpenGL/Gears - 543.75 FPS
OpenGL/Image Scaling - 1851.57 FPS
CPU/Text - 36.22 FPS
CPU/Gears - 333.49 FPS
Xrender/Text - 76.03 FPS
Xrender/Gears - 351.07 FPS
ramspeedThis benchmark tests the system memory (RAM) performance.add/integer - 16012 MB/s
copy/integer - 14154.12 MB/s
scale/integer - 14131.29 MB/s
triad/integer - 15996.08 MB/s
average/integer - 15051.53 MB/s
add/float - 15942.47 MB/s
copy/float - 14142.54 MB/s
scale/float - 14166.08 MB/s
triad/float - 15963.94 MB/s
average/float - 15063.69 MB/s
rbenchmarkThis test is a quick-running survey of general R performance0.4645 Secondstopdown
redisRedis is an open-source data structure server.lpop - 2718675.33 requests per second
sadd - 208079.38 requests per second
lpush - 1628676.00 requests per second
get - 2482025.33 requests per second
set - 1726496.25 requests per second
render-benchThis test runs render_bench, which tests the performance of X.Org and the video driver's RENDER extension.16.00 Secondstopdown
rodiniaRodinia is a suite focused upon accelerating compute-intensive applications with accelerators. CUDA, OpenMP, and OpenCL parallel models are supported by the included applications. This profile utilizes the OpenCL and OpenMP test binaries at the moment.
OpenMP LavaMD - 203.97 Seconds
OpenMP CFD solver - 73.10 Seconds
OpenMP streamcluster - 33.26 Seconds
schbenchThis is a benchmark of Schbench, a Linux kernel scheduler benchmark developed by Facebook.32 threads, 32 workers per message thread - 1282048 usectopdown
scikit-learnScikit-learn is a Python module for machine learning30.64 SecondstopdownAnalysis
scimark2This test runs the ANSI C version of SciMark 2.0, which is a benchmark for scientific and numerical computing developed by programmers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This test is made up of Fast Foruier Transform, Jacobi Successive Over-relaxation, Monte Carlo, Sparse Matrix Multiply, and dense LU matrix factorization benchmarks.Composite - 584.10 Mflops
Monte Carlo - 132.25 Mflops
FFT - 169.91 Mflops
Sparse Matrix Multiply - 641.61 Mflops
Dense LU factorization - 836.65 Mflops
Jacobi - 1140.05 Mflops
smallptSmallpt is a C++ global illumination renderer written in less than 100 lines of code. Global illumination is done via unbiased Monte Carlo path tracing and there is multi-threading support via the OpenMP library.
78 Secondstopdown
sockperfThis is a network socket API performance benchmark.throughput - 468612 messages per second
ping pong - 3.95 usec
latency under load - 13.77 usec
sqliteThis is a simple benchmark of SQLite. At present this test profile just measures the time to perform a pre-defined number of insertions on an indexed database.
632.52 SecondstopdownAnalysis
stockfishThis is a test of Stockfish, an advanced C++11 chess benchmark that can scale up to 128 CPU cores.9631575 Nodes/secondtopdownAnalysis
streamThis benchmark tests the system memory (RAM) performance.copy - 19338.62 MB/s
scale - 14135.12 MB/s
triad - 15893.94 MB/s
add - 15891.04 MB/s
stress-ngStress-NG is a Linux stress tool developed by Colin King of Canonical.socket activity - 3336.29 Bogo Ops/s
system v message passing - 5746315.80 Bogo Ops/s
sudokutThis is a test of Sudokut, which is a Sudoku puzzle solver written in Tcl. This test measures how long it takes to solve 100 Sudoku puzzles11.52 Secondstopdown
sunflowThis test runs benchmarks of the Sunflow Rendering System. The Sunflow Rendering System is an open-source render engine for photo-realistic image synthesis with a ray-tracing core.2.63 Secondstopdown
supertuxkartThis is a test of SuperTuxKart, an open-source racing game. The engine, Antarctica, is a highly modified version of Irrlicht and uses OpenGL 3.1+. Bullet is used for physics. Sound is provided by OpenAL.
1280x1024, windowed, medium graphics, 6 carts, cocoa temple - 17.34 frames per secondtopdown
system-decompress-bzip2This test measures the time to decompress a Linux kernel tarball using BZIP2.9.86 Secondstopdown
system-decompress-xzThis test measures the time to decompress a Linux kernel tarball using XZ.3.87 Secondstopdown
system-libxml2This test measures the time to parse a random XML file with libxml2 via xmllint using the streaming API.1MB - 469 mstopdown
tachyonThis is a test of the threaded Tachyon, a parallel ray-tracing system.13.67 Secondstopdown
tensorflowThis is a benchmark of the Tensorflow deep learning framework using the CIFAR10 data set.85.68 SecondstopdownAnalysis
tesseractTesseract is a fork of Cube 2 Sauerbraten with numerous graphics and game-play improvements. Tesseract has been in development since 2012 while its first release happened in May of 2014.
1024x768 - 85.75 fpstopdown
tinymembenchThis benchmark tests the system memory (RAM) performance.27828.9 MB/stopdownAnalysis
tjbenchtjbench is a JPEG decompression/compression benchmark part of libjpeg-turbo.155.92 Megapixels/sectopdownAnalysis
tscpThis is a performance test of TSCP, Tom Kerrigan's Simple Chess Program, which has a built-in performance benchmark.1292306 Nodes Per SecondtopdownAnalysis
ttsiod-rendererA portable GPL 3D software renderer that supports OpenMP and Intel Threading Building Blocks with many different rendering modes. This version does not use OpenGL but is entirely CPU/software based.194.69 FPStopdownAnalysis
unpack-linuxThis test measures how long it takes to extract the .tar.xz Linux kernel package.5.83 Secondstopdown
vpxencThis is a standard video encoding performance test of Google's libvpx library and the vpxenc command for the VP8/WebM format.1.03 frames per secondtopdownAnalysis
x264This is a simple test of the x264 encoder run on the CPU (OpenCL support disabled) with a sample video file.35.17 frames/secondtopdownAnalysis
xsbenchXSBench is a mini-app representing a key computational kernel of the Monte Carlo neutronics application OpenMC.1095182 Lookups/stopdown
y-cruncherY-Cruncher is a multi-threaded Pi benchmark.61.05 secondstopdownAnalysis